The Iidoe Institute


Understanding, identification, contribution

The goal of every individual’s life is to contribute to their family, institutions, society, kind. The higher the level of contribution, the more value that is given. Your career is a key way that you can contribute on each level, it is where each individual must find meaning and purpose to be fully effective. We teach the process of mastery – the process of being an effective contributor in the area you desire to build your career in.

We strongly believe that there is always room for improvement and that nobody lacks the ability to fill the room if they have the right tools at their disposal. The tools are what people tend to lack, not the potential. In today’s age of information, the most important and valuable characteristic of the individual is learning the process of mastery.

There is a science to everything if you look closely enough.

We have spent years pondering, researching, then testing the key principles, soft skills, procedural and technical skills needed for a candidate to flourish in each of the roles that we provide in our programs.

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