The Iidoe Institute


Our purpose is to eradicate the term ‘workers’.

The term ‘Workers’ is no longer a word that should be used to describe what humans do. Work is for machines, we want to move towards the concept of individual contribution.

The world around us over the last century has changed significantly’ from industrial to digital. The way we train and develop the teams and personnel also needs to change. The masses no longer need to be workers, they need to be contributors.

Our purpose stems from the following reasoning:

The  Problem

The new professional environment is dynamic and collaborative, traditional  academia alone is not suffice to build the workforce of the future

What We All Know

Experiential learning is priceless, learning to contribute is vital as it is how your future career will be measured

Our Solution

Contribution to and in real teams is key throughout the learning process – it is the only way to build experience

We mould dynamic contributors through experience They teach rigid workers through text books

Contribution is the true value that any individual brings to the professional environment. We have dissected key ways, methods of thinking and skill sets that allow individuals to contribute to the roles we currently provide our SLE Pathway for.

Contributors Vs Workers

Our end purpose is to develop contributors that keep growing and positively affecting the professional environments they find themselves in.

Naturally, they will be able to evolve to the point where they can become a new generation of industry professionals who in turn nurture another generation of young people. Our candidates grow, they break their way into industries, and they become industry experts. This cycle benefits both the employees and the organizations that recruit them.