The Iidoe Institute

About Iidoe / Our Values

These are the things that make us who we are and in turn these same things are keys we pass down to every student of the Iidoe Pathway.

These are our values and we promote them over success. As aforementioned in our philosophy, there are four levels of contribution “family, institutions, society, kind”

Iidoe’s core value
is contribution.

In order to add true consistent value to any of these levels it is key to understand and identify with the values set out below.

Integrity –

Remaining true and on task

Collaboration –

Working effectively in a team

Qualitative Results –

Knowing the end goal and understanding how to measure incremental steps

Respect –

Respect ones craft and those around you

Discipline –

Your choices are yours – take full ownership

Understanding and identifying with these 5 values are a key part of the process throughout our programs. We see them as the basis of consistent contributors. These convictions are taken into consideration in every decision-making process and invested effort.