The Iidoe Institute


Our efforts are fueled by the vision to force a necessary paradigm shift in how we approach training and preparation for the current and future generations.

Building bridges rather than barriers

In our world qualifications, scores and numbers do not and can not prevent or act as a barrier to deter anyone from identifying and  pursuing opportunities in their desired field.

We have started with a modest selection of professions to demonstrate our model, but we will grow the concept out to build robust bridges to facilitate access to professions based on guided experience, feedback and contribution lead programs.

Traditional Grades, tests and scores will become a thing of the past as we push out more applicable and accurate measures of value.

Our philosophy is the foundation of our vision.

We envision a society in which every individual with an affinity or interest in a domain has the opportunity to make the most out of their potential and use it to secure a successful career in the field they are passionate about.