We define professional experience

The Institute of
Iidoe is the first
high concept facility
of its kind.

About The Iidoe Institute

The environment fosters a highly intensive learning experience like no other, aimed at providing individuals with a complete professional experience facilitated by groundbreaking gamification technology and real time feedback.

The program is built to ensure that each student leaves with an intimate understanding of the specific industry role of their choice. Having the confidence to be a contributor in the area of their work as opposed to a mere worker.

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The Program

What is the
iidoe economy?

The Institute of Iidoe is run on a simulated program that both replicates and disrupts the real life working economy. It is founded on the premise that students (individuals) need real experience to adapt to (new job roles)/ life after education.

The Iidoe simulated program makes this possible. We plug our students into our unique gamification system in which they must work together in multi discipline teams, against opposing teams and most importantly for live clients, with real service and products.

The Iidoe economy is a real
life training program …

The actions of each individual have the potential to change the teams standing in the system as well as the outcome and quality of the work submitted to clients. In the Iidoe economy there are shared goals amongst team members as well as personal targets to achieve.

The Iidoe economy blends in class education, real life working experience, simulated scenarios and gamification to teach, test and develop candidates in a way that is immersive and dynamic.