Michael Jordan –

“Talent wins games,
but teamwork and
intelligence wins championships”


Pre-reading and Studying

Before the commencement of the Program, the candidates are given a selection of materials to study. The pre-reading material consist of audiobooks, books, videos, and articles revisions. It provides candidates with an overview of the key information and elements of the process that is to follow, and ensures that candidates are within a level playing field before they commence with the course.

Taught by Professionals

Throughout the lifespan of the program, candidates will attend classes taught by industry professionals. This is also meant to teach the theoretical side, which accounts for 30% of the process that serves as a supplement to its robust nature. The classes will occur once every week during which the candidates will revise previous weeks as well as think forward and prepare for the weeks to follow.

The professional’s first-hand experience is intended to rub onto the candidates and expected to serve as a highly effective tool that will facilitate their growth. These classes are in sync with the other elements of the program as candidates will be tested on their knowledge taught by the industry professional as they will be expected to apply the knowledge learnt throughout the duration of the program. The knowledge acquired here will act as a guiding pillar for each candidate as they work throughout the program. The teaching here serves to consolidate the relationships between candidates and the very industries they are interested in.

Team Formation
“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”
– Michael Jordan

Candidates will be divided into teams in preparation for the Real Life Iidoe economy program. The teams are intended to mirror rather miniaturized staffs of companies with specific and clear roles, functions and tasks assigned to each individual.

Division into separate teams will be one of the most effective assets of the process as it cultivates a competitiveness culture that  in the context of the Pathway’s accurate simulation will be sure to teach students

Real-life simulation Iidoe economy

The multiple teams will be competing against each other when fighting to win projects from external company and throughout the process. Teams will be forced to work with and against each other negotiating terms and conditions to join alliances where necessary to compete a shared goal. Despite candidates working in teams each candidate will be judge on his/her performance and will be made accountable based on KPI and key deliverables based on their role. All role based deliverables are based on testing a candidate’s skills, and ability to apply previous knowledge that was learnt.