Michael Jordan –

“Talent wins games,
but teamwork and
intelligence wins championships”


Career advisor

Actively looking for suitable roles for you during your time within the progam

High fylers seminars

A set of talks from industry specific highfliers- helping you learn through their stories with applicable takeaway tips.

Floor coach

Industry professionals, giving you real time feedback on tasks and scenario management throughout The Iideo program

Team building exercises

You will have

Professional mentor

Industry Professional, guiding you through weekly reflections to facilitate the consolidation of experiences throughout The Iideo program

Personal branding & professional profile creation

Digital profile building is an integral part of building a career within your chosen industry. We will give you the tools and knowledge to ensure you look the part online.

Live projects with companies

There will be real projects throughout the Iideo Program, you will be engaging with external companies and delivering projects start to finish

Private career fair

Congratulations! You have completed the program! Your career advisor has made a lot of noise about you and your fellow graduates. The private career fair is a night when you can display all you have learned with companies in attendance actively looking for new talent.

Gamification simulation

The whole Iideo program is meticulously planned to superdrive your professional development, exposes you weak points, makes them strong and a must have for any company.

Full post program work placement

We can set up a full work placement for our graduates immediately after their time with us or after a small break.

Graduation ball

The last hurrah! An elegant black tie event to end and commemorate your graduation and initiate you into our growing alumni.

Extras available on request



If you select to let us deal with your accommodation, you will be living within one of our well furnished apartments in close proximity to our HQ.

Pamper package

Home or office Haircuts, massages and makeovers. Look great, feel great – perform great.

Planned Weekend

Our team will be organising a variety of planned excursions around London, from clubs, visits to historical landmarks, theatre trips to art galleries, museums and burlesque shows.

Language course

Do an accredited language course in the evening to bring your conversational and written English, French or Spanish up a level


We have partners in the catering business providing for all dietary needs

Personal branding module

Come a week earlier to work on your personal branding and get the images in the city and beyond – throughout the program you will have a seperate coach and creative director to help build up your personal branding image both online and offline.